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The Story

Who was Silas Deane?

Like John Adams and George Washington, he was a member of the Continental Congress.

Like Adams, he graduated from a prestigious college (Harvard for Adams, Yale for Deane).

Like Benjamin Franklin and Adams, he ably represented the American colonies in a foreign land. He was personally responsible for sending over shiploads of French goods to aid the colonial soldiers and enlisting European officers, among them Lafayette and von Steuben, to help lead them.

Like Washington, but unlike Adams, he came from a slave holding family and was a slave holder himself.

Like Washington and Adams, he was interested in farming, though his interest was more on the gardening level rather than the plantation of Washington or the large New England farm of Adams.

Like Adams and Washington, he recognized the importance of developing a powerful navy for the colonies.

Like Washington, he helped plan an important victory in the early days of the American Revolution (Fort Ticonderoga).

Unlike Adams and Washington and Franklin, Deane is virtually unknown to the American public.




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