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Memorial of the Heirs of Silas Deane, formerly Political and commercial Agent in Europe; and one of the Ambassadors of the United States in France in the Revolutionary War
January 10th, 1835

In 1835, Silas Deane’s granddaughter, Philura Alden, the only child of Jesse Deane, along with her husband, Horatio Alden, took up the mantle of recovering from the United States the money that Silas had struggled for so long and without success to be repaid by Congress. The “Memorial” is a 36-page document that basically rehashes the attempts, with the same attachments, that Silas made in his life time. Silas Deane Online is not transcribing this document for you but it is available at the Connecticut Historical Society Museum, the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum and in the papers of Congress.

An interesting side bar to this document is that the Connecticut Historical Society Museum has in its archives a bound book that contains several attachments to the Memorial that had been photographed in 1841. 1841 is a very early date in the history of photography and the holding of the Connecticut Historical Society is an excellent example of the early purpose of photography. Although we know that photography has become a great form of artistic expression, one of its earliest uses was to prevent the loss or damage to important documents. We have scanned one of attachments (Doc. 70). See Doc. 55 of Silas Deane Online for the congressional resolution to the Memorial.


Descriptive Title: Document 54
Description: Memorial to Congress from Silas Deane’s heirs
Location: Connecticut Historical Society Museum
Copyright: none
Author/Creator: Horatio Alden and Philura Alden
Date Created: January 10, 1835
Publisher: author
Editor: none
Subject: return of Silas Deane’s money
Reaction: Positive


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